Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Complete Windows Tweaking and Optimization Suite - Tuneup Utilities

Many people are not aware of Tuneup Utilities , so I decided to write a small Review of this great software. Tuneup Utilities is one of the best and most popular tweaking and customization software for Windows.
It allows you to optimize Windows with the help of various categories as mentioned following:
  • Customize & Analyze
  • Clean up & Repair
  • Optimize & Improve
  • Administer & Control
  • File Recovery & Destruction

TuneUp Utilities also has one great tool, which is called 1-Click Maintenance. It automatically searches for invalid registry entries, missing files needed by various programs, registry structure and temporary files and lets you to repair those errors.
You can also change the default TuneUp Utilities settings by clicking on the little arrow under the Close button and then click on Settings. You can set here whether TuneUp Utilities should start automatically, when the system starts. You can password protect the software and many other settings.
So finally, I can only say that its a must have software for everyone.
Its not very BIG in size, its a very small file of a few MBs. You can download a Trial version from the following link:

Download Tuneup Utilities

when you have downloaded it and installed it, you can run it from desktop or from Programs menu or by right-clicking on My computer icon and select "TuneUp Utilities".
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