Thursday, September 24, 2015

Recover Deleted files : Recuva

Have you ever deleted a file that you did not wish to and wanted to recover it but did not find it in the recycle bin? You probably deleted it permanently with Shift+Delete or emptied the Recycle Bin. Now what? Don't worry, you may still have a chance to get it back.

Q. But how do the software undelete deleted files?

When files are deleted, Windows does not delete them from your hard disk. It marks the storage space as empty for new data to be written and deletes the index entry that tells the location of those files. Unless, new files are written on that space, the deleted files are still recoverable. That's what allows these software to recover deleted files.
Recuva [Free version available]

Recuva offers a wizard based interface to unerase files. Recuva offers scanning deleted files based on their type (music, pictures, videos etc.). It also allows deep scanning in case a file you deleted is unrecoverable via normal search. Recuva offers securely deleting files. Recuva also has a portable version that you can keep in your flash drive.

This recovery software support recovery from memory sticks, digital camera cards and MP3 players. This also support undeleting all types of pictures, software, movies and documents from both FAT and NTFS formatted drives. This tool work on Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Some important tips to increase the chances of getting your deleted files back:-

1) When a file is deleted accidentally on a storage device, make sure that you don't do anything on it as doing that would increase the chances of new data being written over your deleted files, which would make file recovery impossible.

2) If you have deleted files on your main computer (the one you are using right now), do not use it. Keep it running and go to another computer, download Recuva . Then plugin the flash drive in your current system and perform file recovery.

3) If one software fails to recover your deleted file, it does not mean that another one wouldn't recover it too.
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