Jitender Kumar Yadav : Blogger behind Tech World

Jitender Kumar Yadav is the blogger of Tech World. He lives in Delhi, India. He maintain this tech blog as his hobby. He have been blogging on this blog since 2012. Besides blogging, his hobbies include watching movies, reading books customizing their PC and social networking.

You can contact Jitender at his email id : jitender1024@yahoo.in

About Tech World

Tech World is a technology blog started in 2012. This blog aims to provide useful tips, tricks to help its readers. Tech World generally focuses on topics related to internet, software, security, technology, windows, social networks, tutorials and the world wide web.

Who is hosting this blog?
This blog is hosted by Blogger, Google's blogging platform.

Jitender Kumar Yadav maintains and write Tech World. He is a technology enthusiast and an Engineer.
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